pobosoft always understands that our customers are very concerned about the confidentiality of personal information that you provide us with confidentiality and use. pobosoft is committed to ensuring that this information is protected by our best efforts. pobosoft is committed to using customer information in a manner that is reasonable to continuously improve the quality of service and give customers an enjoyable experience when buying goods on our website.

1. Purpose and scope of information collection

To register for the software services of pobosoft, customers must register their account and provide some information such as: Business name, address, tax code, contact person, telephone number, email and some other information. This registration procedure helps pobosoft to identify the correct information of customers to provide the right to use software products and services. In addition, this information will help pobosoft contact to serve customers throughout the use of pobosoft products and services.
In addition to the information required to provide *, you may not need to provide other optional information. However, this information will be very useful for pobosoft when performing post-sale care and support services, so you should complete all the information required during the creation process. purchase, register for the purchase of pobosoft products and services.

2. The scope of information use

pobosoft undertakes only to use your information to:
Manage and authorize the use of software products and services that pobosoft provides to its customers.
Contacting, sending notice to customers when products or services are updated, changed.
Sending a notice to invite customers to register upgrades or renewal service when customers are about to expire service.
Carry out after-sales care and support activities.
Settle complaints and disputes.
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